Hi Keri here, I hope this website will help you to create space in your clothing, home and life, providing you with a clear path for you to explore the deeper purpose of your life. How did this site come about? Many years of learning how to cook health giving foods, how to move my body in ways that are helpful and accept my emotions and myself, which I continue to practice daily and the strong desire to help others create more balance throughout their lives.

How did I get here? It was a long and twisting road that culminated with several personal loses including the lose of my beloved home, studio and garden when my relationship broke down, my life was completely transformed and to be honest although it wasn’t the life I had planned originally, it also wasn’t one I was completely happy about the direction it was taking either.  Yes my life had changed, that was to be expected. However, I wanted a life that had more time spent with those I loved and cared about, a life where I was much healthier one that was richer with experiences and full of purpose. 

This website is dedicated to the steps that I took and still take to create a life where I feel more me and I would love you to come and join me to find you.

So if your waist is a little thicker than you would like, or you suffer from aching joints, lack of energy and drive, or maybe would like a cleaner diet, pantry and fridge? I may just have the ticket to help you achieve these goals. Have a look around my website for recipes, tips and tricks to help you create space in your life.

You can change the direction of your life, you have the wisdom and the tools, all it may need is a little help and encouragement.