Articulated Circus Dolls

Vintage Circus Acrobat- Anastasia

A few weeks ago when trying to paint with watercolour paints, (something alien to me as I am used to acrylics and oils) I was making an absolute mess of it when I thought I would play around with making art dolls again. So surfing the net I decided to have a look at circus characters, the images were amazing. However, the ones that caught my eye were the vintage photos of the circus performers and side show attractions. Some photos were heartbreaking, although a part of me thought how wonderful there was a place for the unique, the unusual the ones that don’t quite fit. A place where they become extrordinary. So this is my first circus member a female acrobat her partner will be next. I have so many ideas bubbling up now, I’m not sure who to work on next.

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