Four tips to Mindful Decision-Making

Making better decisions is not easy. With practice and greater awareness we are able to make choices that are better in line with who we are and where we are meant to be.

On a previous post I wrote about mindful decision-making and bringing greater awareness to choices we make. By becoming more mindful during decision-making we become greater masters of our life, and start to move in the direction we wish it to take. While we may never have complete control of our life, we can acknowledge the difficult emotions and feelings we may have with some decisions. We are also more able to take responsibility for choices that we make, good and bad, we learn and grow. With experience and practice we make well thought out, clear, better informed decisions that align with our life’s purpose.

How do we practice making mindful decisions? Below are four tips to aid in more mindful decision-making.  Better choices give us a greater opportunity to have a more fulfilling and joyful life. A life that is richer, aligned with who we are and more authentic.

Slow Down

This isn’t always possible; some decisions need to be made in a hurry. However, most don’t need to be made in an instant. Don’t feel the need to make a decision straight away many can wait a while or even a few days to allow you time to reflect. Time will give you the opportunity to review your options and decide which choice is best aligned to your core values, goals and desired outcome.

Difficult Decisions are Hard to Make

Some decisions are big and life changing or have long-term consequences. With big decisions there is the possibility of doubts even when we feel that we have made the best choice. Acknowledge the feelings of uncertainty and difficulty in making these decisions. Honour and accept the fact that some decisions may feel uncomfortable, confronting or at times stressful and not to be taken lightly.

Maintain Your Integrity

We all have our own goals, core values, ideals and beliefs. If a choice requires you to compromise any of these this is a warning sign that you may not be happy or comfortable with the outcome. To stay true to your personal beliefs may require making some difficult and confronting choices. However, this may ultimately be the better if somewhat uncomfortable option for a more desirable outcome.


Take a deep breathe when making important and uncomfortable decisions. Not only will it relax your body it will calm the mind and steady the heart. When a decision requires you to step out of your comfort zone many of us will hesitate and become fearful. Fear is understandable, taking a moment to breathe will help to access if it is fear or excitement that we are feeling. Taking note of how our body is reacting, better choices will be made that may be a little scary at times, however, may get us to where we are meant to be.

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