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Meal planning, there are more benefits than you can imagine read on and download the plan to get started today.

I have discussed the benefits of making meal plans. They ultimately save time and money. There are no last minute purchases and mind-bending thoughts on what to have for dinner.

I also like the idea that you can slot in a new recipe once a week. This gives you the opportunity to try one of the many you possibly have stashed in the back of a recipe book or in the cupboard. Helping to declutter the kitchen cupboard and the pile of recipe books most of us have.

It may require a bit of time initially, however, after a little practice it will take no time at all. The other benefit is that we all become aware of what is in season and buy and plan accordingly.

Download the PDF and make a start today. There is also a space beneath each day to prep things for use later in the week or the next day. Pre preparation is a great way to save even more time when making meals or lunches. Who wants more time? I know I do, more time to do the things I enjoy and love! Yes please I’ll have more of that.

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