Mindfulness and Decision Making

How bringing your full awareness to decision making can help prevent disappointment and allow better choices that align with your true values.

It’s been a while since my last post. I have been busy looking for work after arriving back from a COVID-19 virus It’s been a while since my last post. I have been busy looking for work after arriving back from a COVID interrupted overseas trip. With very little money and a desperate need to review my original plans, I needed to take action. Unfortunately, I have had limited, very poor or no internet at times, I am staying in a small seaside town with intermittent coverage. Although a lack of internet can be frustrating, it can also be the perfect excuse for not getting things done.

Time and Procrastination

This space has given me time to contemplate in what direction I would like my life to go. What it is that will give me the most fulfilment and align with my beliefs, passions and desires. It has given me time to catch up with family and friends. This spare time has also allowed me sort out some of my storage and given me time to procrastinate.

Yes that’s right, I have had a great time procrastinating. Procrastinating about getting serious with my business and planning accordingly. I believed it was motivation I was lacking, but no. Motivated I was, believe me I was motivated to do stuff. I have done loads of stuff just not the right stuff to help me get where I want to go.

There have been gifts and clothing sewn, pictures painted, crocheted done each night, letters written and and a macrame started. Boxes of clothing and books from storage have been picked over and thinned out, donated or discarded. Time was spent watching videos on motivation, direction, following your passion. I joined live webinars, listened to podcasts. I have done it all and done nothing.

Positive Productivity with Better Decisions Making

So why? While being enormously productive, I am not being productive in the direction I need to create a life I desire. After several weeks of going over this in my mind and getting nowhere, I realised I needed to get back to basics, I had to tune into the decisions I was making.  The big decisions, small decisions and everything between, I needed to become more conscious of the choices being made.

In other words, I needed to become more mindful of the decisions I was making. What is mindful decision making? Being mindful while making decisions is being present or conscious of thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and the surrounding environment. This helps in guiding us to make decisions that are more in tune with our belief systems, goals or desires.

Once I become more conscious of each decision I was making it became easier to tune into the why. Gradually I was making better decisions ones that resonated with me. Decisions that would help me. Choices that fitted with my purpose, that felt right, not what I thought I should do.

Ultimately, practicing mindful decision-making will allow you to make choices that are more joyful, more inline with your core values. Better choices that resonate with us will encourage action. Better decision making creates positive productivity, better outcomes and greater fulfilment.

Being more aware when making each decision generally guides us to make better informed, rational, thoughtful and well-balanced choices.

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