Putting decisions into action

Making a decision is sometimes the easy part, acting on it is a whole other thing altogether.

Having a desire to change some aspect of your life, then making the decision to make a change can be challenging. Once the decision is made we are then confronted with how we are going to put it into place.

Often we have the best of intentions to make a change and don’t follow through. Think of all those New Years resolutions, we make a good start to gradually fall down and fail. No matter how small or life changing the decision may be we all want to succeed.

So how can we put our well intention decisions into action? How can we insure that we have a better chance of success? Following are some steps that I have found helps me put decisions into action and I have had much more success.

Tell Someone

Tell someone, or tell everyone put it out there in the universe. Words are powerful they give us the opportunity to make changes. People will start to ask you how you are going to do it or when. These questions will require you to discuss the decision in greater detail, to formulate a plan of action.

Write About It

Write about it, keep a journal, and if you’re not very good with daily journal entries write post it notes. Put these notes in prominent places where you see them every day or at different periods of the day.

Make A Plan

Make a plan and break down the decision into smaller tasks if it appears too large and overwhelming. You may have a huge goal and are unsure how to make a start. Be realistic and bring the ultimate goal into smaller more achievable chunks. Schedule time constraints this will help you start and finish each small task. Be honest with yourself and set time limits that are possible for you to maintain with your lifestyle and commitments.

Be Kind to Yourself

Be kind, treat yourself with love and understanding. Be gentle and understanding to yourself, as you would be with someone you love and care for deeply. We all slip up occasionally, don’t give up and think it’s a waste of time and you are a failure. It may be that life has been a bit crazy or that your goals may need to be re-evaluated. Step back and look at what has happened as an opportunity to put steps in place to ensure greater chance of success in the future.

Reward Yourself

When you have a success honour the commitment and work that you have done to achieve this. Often the result is the reward in and of itself, however don’t lessen the sense of achievement and acknowledge the changes you have put in place.

Be Accountable

Accountability is a great instigator of action. When we have an expectation we have more chance of staying on track with our decision. This may mean we have a friend that is close to us and checks in to see our progress. We may have a mentor or belong to a group of like-minded people. It may mean that there is a plan up on the wall where we mark off each progressive step. There is far more chance of success if there is some form of accountability and incentive into taking action.

Revisit the Decision

Revisit the decision regularly. To maintain focus and keep you on track looking at the decision, the plan and progress so far. This will give a the decision a greater chance of success. Sometimes the plan will need to be revised, the time schedule extended or changed in some way. At other instances the decision itself will need to be revised. Talk to someone whose opinion you trust before making any big changes to your plan of action. Take note to see how you are feeling too, it may be you are just feeling a bit low and defeated. Looking at the problem another day when you are in a better frame of mind. Taking a breather or stepping away for a short time may be all that is required.

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