The Little Things

Bringing mindfulness to your day

As I have been travelling I have noticed little things that differ from home. Most of them are everyday things that I have taken for granted and do automatically, like turning off the light. In Australia down is on and up is off. In the US it is the other way around, as are the stearing wheels in the cars and the side of the road they drive on. Needless to say I am continually turning lights on when I want them off and vise versa. I have also struggled a little each time I have driven a car here, it is ok when I am on the freeway however, turning left and remembering to stay on the right was a little hectic at times. I found if I wore all my bracelets on my right arm this tended to help. I also kept climbing into the right hand side and wondered where the stearing wheel was!

These little habits that are done without a second thought as I do them every day. I have now come to realise how much we do each day without thinking, it is so automatic, the way we clean out teeth and wash our bodies, comb our hair and make our bed. This new awareness, or becoming mindfull is a hot topic now days, there are books, videos and courses about it, websites devoted to it and people practicing it across the globe. What exactly is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is simple concept although a little hard to explain. In it’s most simplistic form it is becoming fully aware of the present moment, without judgement (to others or yourself). If the mind wanders acknowledge this without judgement and gently bring the mind back to the present. As the saying goes “easier said than done”.

There are many benifits to this, to name a few

  1. We become more aware of ourselves and others around us, more in tune with what is happening.
  2. We fully immerse ourselves in the experience of the moment, without judgement and with our whole self, body, mind, spirit.
  3. Mindfulness prevents the mind making stories in our heads, so by default we have less worry and stress, which in turn creates space within ourselves to fully appreciate the moment and those around us.

Yes simple although not easy, however, with anything practice, practice, practice. So from the little differences in daily activities, such as turning a light switch on and off, to driving on the other side of the road, I have become aware how to bring more mindfulness into my daily life. With that greater acceptance, peace and calm. How are you bringing more awareness into your daily life?

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